Vale Golf Centre Transformation with The Larch Cladding Company


The Vale Golf Centre (VGC) in Ruthin, North Wales, recently underwent a remarkable transformation, enhancing its facilities with premium timber cladding supplied by The Larch Cladding Company. Opened in March 2021, the VGC has continuously evolved to provide top-notch amenities for the local community. This case study explores the various phases of the project, showcasing how the collaboration with The Larch Cladding Company has contributed to the Centre’s aesthetic and functional upgrades.

Project Overview

The project at VGC involved significant structural modifications and aesthetic enhancements, completed in multiple phases. One of the key aspects was the removal of a large dividing wall to convert a storage area into two additional bays. This expansion was crucial in providing more space for visitors and improving the overall experience at the Centre.

Phase 1: Initial Collaboration

Three years ago, Matthew and the team at The Larch Cladding Company first supplied cladding for the VGC, setting a high standard for quality and visual appeal. This initial phase laid the groundwork for a cohesive design, seamlessly blending new additions with the existing structure.

Phase 2: Recent Enhancements

The latest phase of the project continued this collaboration. Will Jones, the owner of VGC, praised the partnership, stating, “We used the cladding to blend the building into the original cladding we got from Matthew nearly three years ago. We’re super happy with the result.”

To ensure a consistent and polished look, the new cladding matched the original materials perfectly, maintaining the Centre’s cohesive aesthetic. The recent enhancements also included installing larch for bay dividers, further refining the facility’s functionality and appearance.

Transformation Impact

The visual and functional improvements have made a significant impact on VGC. “You may have noticed the stunning cladding on the majority of our walls here at the VGC. We were able to team up with our friends at The Larch Cladding Company from the outset and make our venue something to be proud of. We thank Matthew and the team for their continued support!” remarked Will Jones.

The transformation not only improved the facility’s look but also created a more welcoming and professional environment for members and visitors.

What we achieved

The successful transformation of Vale Golf Centre is a testament to the power of quality materials and effective collaboration. The Larch Cladding Company’s dedication to excellence and sustainability has played a crucial role in this project’s success. As VGC continues to grow and enhance its facilities, the partnership with The Larch Cladding Company stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through shared vision and expertise.

For more details and visual highlights of the transformation, check out the before and after pictures shared by VGC. The Centre is excited to welcome visitors to experience the newly enhanced facilities.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, including the arrival of a new professional at VGC and additional cladding installations set to further transform the site.


"We were able to team up with our friends at the The Larch Cladding Company from the outset and make our venue something to be proud of. We thank Matthew and the team for their continued support! We’re super happy with the result."
Will Jones
Owner - Vale Golf Center