Timber Battens

We offer high-quality timber battens ideal for fencing & roof work. Timber batten can be cut to bespoke lengths and widths to suit your project requirements.

Treated Timber Battens

Timber battens are slender strips or bars, usually made from wood. These battens are installed either horizontally or vertically on a building’s exterior to create a framework onto which cladding materials are affixed. The timber is sourced in Wales from FSC managed forests.

Timber Batten Range

Larch Timber Battens

Larch Battens

Larch battens are favoured for their durable and robust nature, making them an excellent choice for roofing and cladding applications due to their resistance to rot and decay.

Timber Batten Fence

Cedar Battens

Cedar battens, known for their aromatic scent and natural beauty, offer an aesthetically pleasing option for external and internal applications, featuring a natural resistance to insects and moisture.

Timber Battens UK

douglas fir Battens

Douglas fir battens are sought after for their structural strength and visual appeal, providing a sturdy and visually attractive option for a variety of construction projects, including framing and decorative features.

Applications of Timber Battens
Cladding Support

Timber battens create a stable surface onto which various cladding materials such as timber boards, panels, or tiles can be securely attached. This not only enhances the appearance of the building but also protects it from the elements.

Ventilation & Drainage

By allowing airflow and drainage between the cladding and the building’s structure, timber battens help prevent moisture-related issues and prolong the life of cladding materials.

Privacy Screens

Timber battens can be used creatively to construct privacy screens, adding a touch of elegance and seclusion to outdoor spaces.

Decorative Features

Battens can serve as decorative elements on walls, ceilings, or fences, providing texture and visual interest to architectural designs.

Timber Battens FAQ

The selection of timber for battens depends on their intended use, durability, and desired aesthetic. Common types of timber that are suitable for battens include Larch, Cedar, and Douglas Fir. Larch is valued for its strength and durability, Cedar is chosen for its resistance to decay and insects, making it ideal for outdoor applications, and Douglas Fir is appreciated for its structural strength and visual appeal. Each type offers unique characteristics, from colour and grain pattern to durability and resistance to the elements.

Maintaining timber battens involves several key steps to ensure they remain in good condition for as long as possible. Firstly, it is important to apply a suitable wood preservative or finish to protect against moisture, UV damage, and pests. Regularly check your battens for signs of wear or damage and address these issues promptly to prevent further deterioration. Cleaning them gently with a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt and debris can also help maintain their appearance. For outdoor installations, ensure that water can drain away from the battens to avoid prolonged moisture exposure.

Yes, timber battens can be used for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoors, they are often used for aesthetic purposes, such as decorative wall or ceiling treatments, providing texture and warmth to a space. Outdoors, they can serve functional roles in fencing, cladding, or as garden features, adding visual interest and providing privacy or shade. The key to outdoor use is choosing the right type of timber that can withstand the environmental conditions, with Larch, Cedar, and Douglas Fir being excellent choices due to their natural durability and resistance to decay.

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glen britton
glen britton
28 April 2023
The service and quality of the timber outstanding
Nick Woodcock
Nick Woodcock
8 April 2022
Very help and will be ordering soon
Rob Monshin
Rob Monshin
2 April 2021
As always fantastic service , timber cut to size perfectly , delivered on time .
Peggy Romer
Peggy Romer
29 October 2020
Possibly the most friendly and helpful company I've used. Always kept me up to date and provided useful advice. Will be using them again soon!
Lloyd English
Lloyd English
14 July 2020
Super company to work with. I found Mathew and his team really helpful, and the examples they have of different cladding helps no end when deciding what to go for. Great value and the fact the wood is grown, felled and sawed in Wales proves it truly is a local product. Highly recommend this company.
James Scott-Cook
James Scott-Cook
18 December 2019
Bought some waney Edge larch cladding from this company good price, good quality did two gable ends with it looks great