Square Edge Timber

Square edge timber refers to wood boards or planks that have been cut and processed to have smooth, straight, and uniform edges, square edge timber is milled to create precisely rectangular or square profiles.

Square Edge Timber Cladding

Square Edge timber is characterised by clean, sharp edges, making it ideal for a variety of construction and woodworking applications where a neat and uniform appearance is desired.

Applications of square edge timber


Vertical Square Edge with Overlap

This is a common technique used in fencing and cladding. Vertical square edge boards are installed side by side with a slight overlap to create a continuous and visually appealing surface. The overlap provides additional weather resistance and can be found in traditional fence styles.

Vertical Square Cut Baton Frontage

n this particular use case, vertical square-edged timber battens are set up to form a grid or lattice-style design on the building's front. This imparts not only architectural appeal but also enhances the texture of the facade.


Vertical Square Cut Board on Board

A board-on-board design involves vertical square edge boards that slightly overlap each other to create a more private and solid surface. This is often used in fencing to achieve increased privacy and to create an attractive, overlapping pattern.


Herringbone patterns are created by arranging square edge timber boards in a distinctive "V" or zigzag pattern. This design is often used for flooring, wall panelling, or decorative elements, adding a unique and eye-catching visual effect to interior spaces.